Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Annual Pranks on Mr. Pitcairn

Friday, March 8, 2019

Autobiographical Poem example.

“Good Wolf, Bad Wolf," By Ms. Nadow

You taught me to consider the next seven generations
With my each and every action;
In my negligence I have failed you. 
I look to your leadership,
Even though you are gone,
Your legacy lives on.
I listen for your voice
The storm is drowning out your words.

You taught me about my inner wolves,
I didn’t believe my spirit could be so fierce,
But they both prowl under the surface.
I don’t feed Alpha much, but in her hunger,
She has grown more wild and savage in her old age.
Omega runs steady, healthy and strong,
Uniting the pack, protecting the cubs.

Our territory gets smaller,
The leaders are fighting,
I don’t know which wolf to feed.
Alpha growls for survival,
Omega howls for peace,
The pack is restless. 

The fight is coming.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Class Shakespearean Sonnets 2019


A gorgeous summer breeze lets me be free,
The soft sun creeps down on the horizon,
As we go down to the beautiful sea,
My phone is wet; I'm sorry, Verizon!
While I'm at the sea I read my big book,
Waiting ten minutes for a fish to come,
As a fish gets caught on my fishing hook,
Cool it 'til it's definitely done!
I make a fire and sing some sweet songs,
While Gordon Ramsey makes me some sushi,
As he picks up the kabobs with his tongs,
As he wears a chef's hat made b Gucci.
Zac Efron's driving us home in his truck,
Until we got stuck in the sand dune muck.


Rushing through the air, thank the bus driver,
I got an epic dub yesterday night,
If I want wins I myst be a striver,
I'm going to have an epic games fight.
The thought of a bus crash fills me with dread,
I ate a pickle before we could crash,
I have to be careful not to be dead,
I hope I don't lose my health very fast!
Rathar than jump out I exit safely,
I got the victory royale award,
I want to find a rift very greatly,
In the update they added hover boards.
Well me and Ninja are about to clash,
I have to finish this game very fast!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019