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Chasing Lincoln's Killer: Add your Movie Link here!

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Project Rubric: 

Social Studies and Language Arts Semester 1 Eighth Grade Project
You will create a video about the book Chasing Lincoln’s Killer that you read in Language Arts class. Your video will receive a grade in both LA and SS so make sure to follow the rubric!
Make sure to include the following in your video:
       Title and author of book
       A summary of events leading up to the assassination
       An account of Lincoln’s assassination
       A detailed explanation of what happens during the twelve day manhunt
       At least 7 primary source pictures/documents
       An MLA Works Cited slide at the end
       Correct grammar and spelling throughout film
       A completed video length of between four and seven minutes
***Ms. Nadow is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school for technical assistance.
***Mrs. Carr is available on Mondays and Wednesdays for historical help.
***Guidelines for Powerpoint to iMovie or Windows Movie Maker and uploading to YouTube and the blog using the school account are in your L.A. Q1-ISN. (We will review these in class briefly.)

Wednesday, November 20th: Outline due to Mrs. Carr
4pm on Tuesday, December 10th: Video link uploaded to Ms. Nadow’s Blog:
(Select “Chasing Lincoln’s Killer” from list of bullets on right hand column.
Post video link in comments: “Upload link here,” -

Grading Guidelines:
A PowerPoint that includes all minimum requirements= a C
An iMovie/Windows video that includes all minimum requirements= a B
An iMovie/Windows video that exceeds minimum requirements= an A

Social Studies/Language Arts Rubric

Points Possible
Points Earned
Format of Project is a video and it is uploaded to Ms. Nadow’s Blog by deadline

Beginning of Video lists your name, title, and author of book

Summary of events leading up to the assassination is complete and detailed (use timeline from book notes)

Account of Lincoln’s assassination is complete and detailed (use book notes)

Explanation of what happens during the twelve day manhunt includes all major events and is thoroughly explained (3pts each)
       Surratt Tavern
       Mudd Farm
       Rich Hill
       Dents Meadow
       Hughes Farm
       Lucas Farm
       Garrett Farm

At least 7 primary source pictures/documents (2 pts each)

MLA Works Cited slide at the end is included and formatted properly with no errors

Correct grammar and spelling are used (-1 point per error)


Video length is between four and seven minutes


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On Motivation: Words of Wisdom from the Academy Class of 2018.

7th Grade Midterm Study Guide -Fall 2013

I.                   Greek Mythology
A.    Major Greek Gods and Goddesses (eat Ambrosia, drink nectar. Blood= Ichor)
1.      Gaea – the earth
2.      Uranus – the sky
3.      Titans:
·         One glowing eyed child
·         Lightning
·         Thunder
·         Thunderbolt
·         Tartarus (deepest layer of Hades {Hell} in the Underworld)
4.      Cronus
·         Lord of universe
·         Kills father Uranus with sickle
·         Assumes power
·         Eats own children to maintain power
·         Wife was Rhea (Titaness)
·         She send child Zeus to island of Crete and gives rock to husband to eat, not child
5.      Zeus
·         Wears aegis which is impenetrable armor made of magic goat skin
·         Overthrows Cronus and releases sibling
·         King of gods
·         Controls master lightning bolt
·         Marries Hera
·         Children: Hephaestus, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysus, Ares, etc
·         Ruler of Mt. Olympus
6.      Poseidon
·         God of sea
·         Wife is Amphitrite
·         Carries trident
·         Nereus was old ruler of sea

7.      Hera
·         Queen of Olympus
·         Zeus won her
·         Turned one of Zeus’s wives into a cow named IO
·         Servant was Argus, memorialized 100-eyes on peacock
8.      Argus
·         Zeus asked Hermes to free IO
·         Hermes closed half of Argus’s eyes
·         Literally bored him to sleep
·         Rest of eyes sleepy for all eternity
·         His eyes were put on peacocks for remembrance
9.      Demeter
·         Sister of Zeus
·         Goddess of Harvest and seasons
·         Daughter is Persephone
10.  Hades
·         Cloak of invisibility
·         Lord of Dead
·         Brother of Zeus
·         Kidnaps Persephone
·         “Rich One” and “Hospitable One” were nicknames
·         River Styx flowed through Underworld
·         Had to pay to be guided to entrance of Hades
·         Cerberus was three headed watchdog of gate
·         Charon = boat captain to Hades
·         Heroes were sent to Elysian Fields
11.  Hestia
·         Sister of Zeus
·         Goddess of Hearth on Olympus
·         No throne
12.  Athena
·         Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy
·         Born from Zeus’s head
·         Hephaestus opened head after complaining of headache
·         Companion was Nike, the Spirit of Victory
·         Chiseled armor inside head
·         Cursed Arachne because Arachne thought she was better than Athena at weaving (arachnophobia= fear of spiders)
·         Her work also offended Athena in looming competition
·         City named Athens

13.  Apollo
·         Brother of Artemis
·         God of Sun, Music, Light, Reason
·         Gets lyre (see photo right) from Hermes 
·         He and Helios control sun chariot
14.  Artemis
·         Twin sister to Apollo
·         Goddess of Hunt
·         Zeus allowed her never to marry
·         Actaeon saw her and Nymphs bathing
·         This was not allowed
·         He was changed into a stag
15.  Ares
·         God of War
·         Son of Zeus
·         Loves Aphrodite
·         “cry baby”
·         Eris was companion
·         Could not bear pain
16.  Hephaestus
·         God of Smiths, Forges, Fire
·         Son of Zeus
·         Creates Aegis
·         Wife is Aphrodite
·         Created first robots to support weak legs
·         Zeus flung him out of Olympus, eventually returned
·         Made twelve golden thrones on Olympus
·         Cyclopes as assistants
·         Made chariots, weapons, jewels
17.  Aphrodite
·         Goddess of Love
·         Loves Ares
·         Came from sea
·         No mother or father
·         Rather have Ares as husband
·         Son was Eros
18.  Persephone
·         Kidnapped wife of Hades
·         Queen of Underworld
·         Daughter of Demeter
·         Ground split and Hades took her
·         She ate three seeds from pomegranate tree therefore she had to spend three months in Underworld
·         Nothing grew on earth, season became known as winter
19.  Dionysus
·         Son of Zeus
·         God of Wine
·         Accepts Hestia’s seat on Olympus
·         Traveled from island to island teaching wine making
20.  Hermes
·         Son of Zeus, wears winged shoes
·         God of Thieves, Merchants, Travelers
·         Stole Apollo’s cows as infant
·         Mother Maia lived in Mt. Cyllene
·         Invented first lyre
21.  Orion
·         Constellation of stars (photo left)
·         Hunter
·         Walk on water
·         King of Chios Island would grant him daughter if he rid island of beasts
·         King blinded him but vision was restored by sun
·         Hunted with Artemis on Crete
·         Apollo sent scorpion to kill him
·         Hung image in sky
B.     Minor Greek Gods and Goddesses
·         Lived on Olympus
·         Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos were goddesses of destiny
·         Clotho spins thread of life when one is born
·         Lachesis measures certain length
·         Atropos cuts thread at end of life
·         Prometheus and brother Epimetheus were given task of repopulating earth by Zeus
·         Men and beasts were made of river clay
·         Prometheus modeled man while Epimetheus modeled beasts
1.      Prometheus
·         Stole fire from hearth
·         Gods and goddesses enjoyed burnt offering by man
·         He taught man how to trick gods
·         He was chained to top of Caucasus Mountains
·         Eagle eats liver but it keeps growing
2.      Pandora
·         Zeus sent her to earth
·         Modeled by Hephaestus with consent of Athena
·         Opens famous box, releases miseries onto world, then hope.
3.      Eos
·         Mother of our winds
·         Wanted to marry mortal prince named Tithonus
·         Turned to grasshopper
4.      Helios
·         To sun
·         Only gods could look at him and not be blinded
·         Phaethon was son
·         Wanted to control chariot
·         Dropped the reins
·         Zeus shot him with thunderbolt into river Po
·         Tuned into Poplar tree
·         Hephaestus fixed chariot
5.      Selene
·         Moon
6.      Pan
·         God of Nature
·         Ugly
·         Father was Hermes
7.      Echo
·         Never kept quiet
·         Only repeat words of others
8.      Narcissus
·         Loved himself
·         Died of starvation after starring at river reflection for too long
9.      Nine Muses
·         Daughters of Zeus
·         Mother was Goddess of Memory
·         Each muse had special talent
10.  Orpheus
·         Wife to be Eurydice was killed by snake on wedding day
·         Went to Hades to retrieve her
·         Could not look at her until arrival back on earth
·         Failed at this after doubting she was there could not take her
11.  Danaus, Perseus, The Gorgons
·         Saves Andromeda
·         Perseus slays Medusa who turned people to stone at sight of snake head
12.  Heracles
·         Mother was princess Alcmena
·         Father was Zeus
·         Strong
·         Slave of cousin Eurysheus for killing children
·         many tasks for him, performed twelve labors
·         became slave for Queen Omphale of Lydia for swatting man
·         married Deianira
·         Kills:
Ø  Hydra
Ø  Nemean Lion
Ø  Music teacher
Ø  Crab
Ø  Mares
Ø  Cerberus (captured)
Ø  Children
Ø  Antaeus
Ø  Boar
Ø  Metal feathered birds
Ø  Serpents
Ø  Fire breathing cows
Ø  Wolves
13.  Oedipus
·         Son of King Laius of Thebes
·         Destined to kill father and marry mother
·         Solved riddle of Sphinx to enter city of Thebes

14.  Jason and the Golden Fleece
·         Hera disguises herself as crone needing assistance crossing river
·         Fleece will gain a throne
C.     The Apples of Love and Discord
·         Atalanta did not want to be married
·         Only marry if beaten in race
·         Aphrodite gives three golden apples to Melanion
·         Beats Atalanta in race
·         Eris throws apple into wedding crowd
·         Thetis was bride
·         Hermes agrees to give apple to most beautiful women
·         Aphrodite gets apple
·         Paris, prince of Troy wants to marry Helen who was Queen of Sparta’s
·         Greeks and Trojans fought over Helen
·         Apollo and Paris strike Achilles who is ninety nine percent immortal except for heel
·         He is shot by Heracles poison arrows
·         Troy was destroyed
·         Helen takes control of Spartans
·         Paris is remembered as coward

D.    Greek and Latin Planet Names

II.                Crispin – Avi

        The year is 1377. Crispin is living in a village under the rule of Lord Furnival. The village is currently being controlled by Furnival’s steward John Aycliffe. When his mother dies, she leaves for him a lead cross with an engraving. He cannot read. Aycliffe accuses him of stealing money from the Furnival mansion. After denying the accusations, he becomes a wolves head or an outcast. He is forced to flee the village. While wandering the open roads, he comes across an abandoned village wiped out by the plague. There, he finds a jester named Bear. His real name is Orson Hrothgar. He becomes Bears loyal servant under an oath. Bear teaches Crispin a serious of skilled necessary to a juggler including playing an instrument. Crispin becomes his apprentice. Their destination was the city of Great Wexley. However, getting there is a challenge. They spot Aycliffe a number of times and are forced to travel by night and hide out during day.
        They arrive to Great Wexley and learn that Lord Furnival was wounded in battle and died.  They hide out at the inn of Widow Daventry, a friend of Bears. Crispin discovers that Bear is part of a secret group who is committing treason.
Bear is captured and imprisoned at the Furnival mansion in Great Wexley. After sneaking into the mansion, he holds Aycliffe hostage until he releases bear, who his wounded from torture. Aycliffe is killed right before their great escape from the City. His lead cross said that he was the son of Lord Furnival.

1.      Father Quinnel – village priest
2.      John Aycliffe – steward of manor
3.      Crispin – main character
4.      Roger Kingsworth – bailiff
5.      Lord Furnival
6.      Bear – main character
7.      Widow Daventry – Daventry Inn and Tavern
8.      John Ball – lead traitor brotherhood Bear was a member of secretive rebel group.
9.      Goodwife Peregrine—gives Crispin help/food before he leaves Stromford
1.      Stromford Village
2.      Great Wexley
3.      Countryside of England
1.      Crispin being hunted
2.      Bear attending secret meetings
3.      Both of them hiding out
4.      Entering cities by performing and playing
5.      Being chased by Aycliffe and men
I believe the climax in this book is when Crispin runs away from Stromford. The resolution is when Aycliffe falls back into dozens of swords which stabs his back. This is what kills him. Bear and Crispin are then free. Vocabulary: Be able to define the following terms from your notebooks.

Additional Vocabulary:
1.      Constellation

2.      Trident:

3.      Arachnophobia:

4.      Narcissism:

5.      Discord:

6.      Achilles tendon:

7.      Hades (place):

8.      Olympus (place):

9.      Troy (place):

10.  Sparta (place):

11.  Climax:

12.  Theme:

13.  Plot:

14.  Characters:

15.  Setting:

16.  Protagonist:

17.  Antagonist:

18.  Round character:

19.  Flat character:

20.  Mood:

21.   Conflict:

22.  Resolution: