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Summer Reading: Interview Prep Worksheet.

Summer Reading Worksheet: Student ChoiceBook Analysis             
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Directions: In seventh and eighth grade we will discuss novels based on the following literary elements. Please find the following for EACH of your summer reading books:

1.     Summarize the Plot (main events) of your book:

2.     Describe the Settings of your book:

3.     List three characteristics for each of your main Characters:

4.     Can you find the Climax of your book? Describe why this is the one event which leads to the entire resolution of the novel:

5.     What are the important Themes (recurring events, symbols, trends, topics) of your novel?

Summer Reading Tech Project Guidelines.

Assignment: Create a premiere advertisement campaign for your student choice summer reading book using a digital media. (Acceptable sites include: Piktochart,, Animoto, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, ToonDoo, PowerPoint, KeyNote, etc…)

1.    Create at least one “picture” or “slide” which explains each of the literary elements of your book with pictures, character quotations, and text: Characters, settings, themes, climax, plot.
2.    Combine/add your pictures or slides into a presentation (PowerPoint, KeyNote, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker or
3.    E-mail your completed project to Ms. Nadow by 4pm on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016. (Extra help for this project is offered Tuesday after school.) Please use “Summer Reading Book Project for Student Name” as the e-mail subject. E-mail =

An ‘A’ project: Will have extensive references to the literary elements of this book (characters, settings, themes, climax, plot) using images that are understandable and relatable to relay the total package of the book experience in a unique, creative and effective way.
A ‘B’ project: Will have some references to the literary elements of this book using appropriate images to relay the total package of the book.
A ‘C’ project: Will have only a few images or pieces of information that relate to the total package of the book, is unclear in its suggestions, or minimally created.
A ‘D’ or ‘F’ project: Minimal effort (D) or did not meet any criteria required. (F)


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Parental Signature: Policies & Procedures '16-'17

Policies & Procedures:  Family take-home version.

I. Novels & textbooks: Novel unit books will be signed out on a per unit basis. Students are responsible for bringing their books to class every day for small group and larger group work as well as class discussions. Books will be turned and logged in at the end of the unit. Please remember that most of these books are “rentals” so take good care of these books (don’t write in them, rip or fold pages, etc…). There are several titles that will be yours to keep and I will make you aware of that at the beginning of the unit. Books that are still missing in June will be billed to parents by the Business office. Grammar textbook and Classical Roots vocabulary workbook: These are your books to keep, please take care of them and bring them to class every day.

II. Homework: homework assignments will be due as noted in RenWeb and in planners. Students are responsible for writing assignments in their planners as there will be periodical planner checks. Assignments to be turned in should be placed in the “silver bin” on top of Ms. Nadow’s black supply station . According to the standards set by the Academy, homework that is late one day in EIGHTH grade will receive ‘0’ credit. Homework that is one day late in SEVENTH grade will receive a ‘50’%. Major Projects will be deducted 10 points per late day. ALSO: Assignments will not be accepted after the week they were assigned. After three missing or late assignments in a given quarter I will contact parents or guardians about late and missing assignments. Athletes: Missing homework can result in mandated after school help as coaches will pull you from practices.

III. Classroom Behavior & Seating Policy: It is very important that every student join in, and contribute to, the learning process for this course. I therefore expect you to be prepared to discuss each day’s material and to work with your fellow students actively on any group activities. Open class seating is a privilege that each class maintains until failing to be quiet after a class countdown three times in a period: after that, seats will be assigned on a quarterly basis. Individual behavior grades are determined by daily participation points (10 per day.) Students lose one point per “strike” (speaking out of turn) and at three strikes in a given period will take a 2-minute time out of the class. At strike six after returning, in the same period, students fill out a “My Action Plan” form which is signed by parents and have a mini-conference with me. Further infractions can result in a behavioral referral to the Division Director.

IV. Parent/Guardian Expectations: 1.) Parents should check Language Arts grades on RenWeb on a weekly basis. (For login information, please contact Vicki O’Donnell.) 2) Please send students to extra help on Tuesdays and Thursdays if they are struggling, need help, or need extra enrichment. 3.) Please visit our class wiki site: to see your child’s class page and projects.

V. Preferred Communication Methods: E-mail: : I will respond within 12 hours unless away from school. School Phone Voicemails: Ext. 353, I will respond within 24 hours. Text Messaging: I do not respond to text messages from students or parents. Cell-Phone voice messages on trips: I will respond as soon as possible with service. Parent Conferences: Parent conferences for the Core Team may be scheduled through Mr. John Pitcairn. If you would like to meet with me please e-mail me to set up a common time at:                                                                           

Thank you for your time!   
Aimee M. Nadow                                                     

MD-Language Arts, Academy at the Lakes              

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Parent/guardian name (printed): ______________________________________

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