Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ToonDoo Directions

(Glue these directions on page 42 of your ISN.)

1. Visit:
2. Click on "Sign Up for Free" red button (top right corner.)
3. Sign up using your Academy e-mail. (If you know it, add username/pw to your planner.)
4. Alternative sign in: (My account) Username: msnadow     Password: *******92
5. Click "Toons: Create Toon,"
6. Select a layout for your page. (Project minimum: 4 pages, at least 8 panels total.)
7. Let the generator load. 
8. Use the toolbar to select: characters, backgrounds, text, clipart, or upload your own images to your panels. (Some features are disabled in Safari.)
9. To save your panels/pages: Click "ToonDoo" icon: Save. (upper left) Select "Keep it Private" and then print your final project when you are ready. Bring to class when finished. 

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