Tuesday, March 3, 2015

8th Grade Play Week: 3-D Design Challenge

Hello 8th Graders! Here is the challenge for this week: (Please watch my video message below.)

Step 1: How to Download 123D-Design (Autodesk):

For Apple devices please visit this link. 

For Windows/PCs please visit this link. 

Step 2: Watch the 123D-Design Tutorial: 
Note: These Digital Arts classmates can assist you as tutors: Annabelle, Taylor, Victoria H, Evan B, Elizabeth H, and Brooke all know how to use this program and how to help you download it.

Previous examples from last year's contest: 

Alternative software (in case you are having problems with 123D-design or cannot download software apps for some reason):

Please sign up for a free account with online designer Tinkercad (https://www.tinkercad.com/) so that you can save your design as you build it for the next few days.

Tinkercad tutorial video:

Last note: Google Sketch-Up is not a free software so please use one of the two design apps above.

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