Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Reading Tech Project Guidelines.

Assignment: Create a premiere advertisement campaign for your student choice summer reading book using a digital media. (Acceptable sites include: Piktochart,, Animoto, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, ToonDoo, PowerPoint, KeyNote, etc…)

1.    Create at least one “picture” or “slide” which explains each of the literary elements of your book with pictures, character quotations, and text: Characters, settings, themes, climax, plot.
2.    Combine/add your pictures or slides into a presentation (PowerPoint, KeyNote, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker or
3.    E-mail your completed project to Ms. Nadow by 4pm on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016. (Extra help for this project is offered Tuesday after school.) Please use “Summer Reading Book Project for Student Name” as the e-mail subject. E-mail =

An ‘A’ project: Will have extensive references to the literary elements of this book (characters, settings, themes, climax, plot) using images that are understandable and relatable to relay the total package of the book experience in a unique, creative and effective way.
A ‘B’ project: Will have some references to the literary elements of this book using appropriate images to relay the total package of the book.
A ‘C’ project: Will have only a few images or pieces of information that relate to the total package of the book, is unclear in its suggestions, or minimally created.
A ‘D’ or ‘F’ project: Minimal effort (D) or did not meet any criteria required. (F)


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